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Exploring the secret sauce of sensing and imaging applications for society and industry

The Economist - 3rd annual commercializing Quantum Global 2024

Key Highlights

  • Standardization is crucial in Quantum sensing to ensure interoperability and efficiency. 🔬

  • Collaboration between academia, industry, and government is vital for advancing Quantum sensing technologies. 🤝

  • Quantum sensing has real-world applications in healthcare, climate change, and security, with significant societal implications. 💡

  • Overcoming supply chain challenges is essential for scaling Quantum sensing technologies. 🔄

  • Quantum sensors can provide deeper insights for better decision-making, making them valuable tools in the data-driven world. 📊

  • Quantum sensing has the potential to revolutionize various industries and become a commodity like transistors in the past. 🔄

  • The market size of Quantum sensing may seem modest now, but its long-term impact on society and the economy could be substantial. 📈

Timestamped Highlights

00:00 Introduction to Quantum Sensing Applications by Steve Suarez. 🌌

10:30 Tim Prior explains the potential of Quantum sensing in earthquake detection. 🌐

20:15 Mark Fromhold discusses the diverse applications of Quantum sensing in climate change and neuroscience. 🌍

30:45 Nima Leclerc shares insights on overcoming supply chain challenges in Quantum sensing. 🔍

40:20 Tahmid Quddus Islam talks about the financial opportunities and public-private partnerships in Quantum sensing. 💰

50:05 Discussion on the feasibility of Quantum sensing in space and consumer devices. 🚀

59:30 Closing remarks on the societal and economic impact of Quantum sensing technologies. 🌟

Special thank you to the amazing speakers:

 - Tim Prior, Quantum Programme Manager, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

 - Tahmid Quddus Islam, Assistant Vice-President, Citi Global Insights

 - Nima Leclerc, Quantum Research Scientist, MITRE

 - Mark Fromhold, Professor of Physics, University of Nottingham

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