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Stay Ahead of the Quantum Wave!

HorizonX Consulting founder and MIT professor discuss Quantum Computing and other Innovations.

In a recent podcast by Yuval Boger, the founder of HorizonX Consulting, Steve Suarez, discussed #quantumcomputing and other #emergingtechnologies with MIT professor Will Oliver. They explored the potential impact of quantum computing on various industries and how innovations like AI and blockchain are shaping the future.

Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that's shaping the tech landscape. Tune in to the full podcast.


Are you interested in learning more about how HorizonX Consulting can assist your company in the field of quantum computing and other upcoming technologies?

Discovering our services will allow you to open the door to a world of innovation that is just waiting to be used to your success story.


Biographical Sketch

William D Oliver, MIT Professor
William D Oliver, MIT Professor

​Professor William D. Oliver joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 2003 and the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics in 2006, where he has since performed research across the full breadth of quantum and classical technologies needed to accomplish large-scale quantum information science demonstrations.

He is presently appointed Lincoln Laboratory Fellow (2017) and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and of Physics (2021).

Will serves as the Director of the MIT Center for Quantum Engineering, Associate Director of the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, and as a member of the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

Will received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and BA degree in Japanese from the University of Rochester in 1995; his SM degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 1997; and his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering with PhD minor in Physics from Stanford University in 2003.

Steve Suarez, HorizonX Consulting
Steve Suarez, HorizonX Consulting

Steve Suarez is the founder and CEO of HorizonX Consulting, an innovation consulting company redefining industry standards. With a rich history of leading transformative initiatives, Steve brings a wealth of expertise to his role, having previously served as the Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions at HSBC.

With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Steve has excelled as a transformation expert, amassing profound experience across consulting, telecommunications, and financial services. He has spearheaded intricate strategic endeavors across numerous entities, driven organizational change, and steered culturally diverse teams.

Steve has extensive experience of advising senior executives and corporate partners. His influence extends to nonexecutive board roles and as a regular speaker at leading technology conferences, reflecting his commitment to advancing innovation and embracing a growth-oriented mindset.

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