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What does Quantum Computing have to do with Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity intersecting with Quantum Technology

Apparently, quite a lot. I recently watched this fascinating discussion between Supervisory Special Agent Eric Smithmier of the FBI Cybersecurity Division and Professor Will Oliver, Director at The Center for Quantum Engineering at MIT. It helped me understand the current buzz around Quantum Computing, why now is the time to become Quantum Aware, and how staying vigilant and diligent can make all the difference.


As a viewer who hasn't studied computer science and may only have a vague recollection of the word quantum from high school physics (something about a cat, perhaps?), it was helpful to have the experts explain everything in simple terms. They translated all the acronyms from RSA Encryption to QKD, PQC, and Y2Q, making it easier for me to understand.


What stood out most to me was how today's cyber-adversaries have changed from the lone basement-dwelling hacker we tend to imagine and why a company's encrypted IP could be worth stealing now even if the tech to crack that encryption is still a decade or more away.


They answered several important questions, including: How can companies navigate potential economic disruptions and take advantage of the opportunities presented by Quantum Computing? What measures does the FBI take to stay ahead of emerging technology-based threats? Also, what are the things that have them most excited about the future and the ones that keep them up at night?


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